A Word to our supporters

Thank you for all of your support and commitment to the SPOT TV Movement.


We appreciate everyone of you and hope that 2020 has been a wonderful, prosperous, abundant year for you! We hope all of our team have made good grades and and reaching  2020 Goals!

We had an amazing year. We met great people, loss great people, and we are looking forward to reaping the good will sown this year!

The  election was in  November and we are ready for a few changes in the world. Focus on your world and look at each others as brothers and sisters. Take it back to when America was great for your family in the positive sense. When people cared and supported each other.

When Mom and dad or grandma were all working along with aunts and uncles and neighbors. When people took pride in the way they dressed, spoke, and carried themselves. When companies gave great retirements and children were  well educated and well nourished.

The Country of USA  has had a major influx of Gun Violence. Many unsolved. We mourn for those. Unity in the Community.

Please lets take the time to think before we act. Practice love and understanding. Value and appreciate the people in our lives that are present.

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