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Syndication became a serious business a few years ago when article marketing became such a huge hit. And while article marketing is still the preferred favorite for many net marketers, video marketing gains a greater fan base everyday.


Thanks to Youtube and similar video sharing sites, marketing videos are flooding the web and video search engines are popping up everywhere.


Webmasters are now marketing their sites by creating content via video. Despite the growth of video marketing through 2007, a number of people are still shying away from video production. This is a great way to get more traffic using video marketing.


It’s a just hesitation. Unlike article marketing, video marketing demands more in terms of finance as well as erudition.


Video requires you know how to shoot and produce the video so it looks good. You also need to know how to get that video in front of your target market. This means looking for networks that cater to that group.


Some folks are just not ready, be it for lack of finance or skill, to take on video marketing. But as video become more in demand, web browsers will come to expect it as part of your business presentation.


It’s time to put your fear aside. Video equipment can be purchased at a relatively decent price. There is so much information detailing the dos, don’ts and how to’s of video marketing, that someone who is seriously interested about taking up this form of traffic generation can create their own video without too much sweat and tears.


You do not have to be Stephen Spielberg to create a sticky video that gets many views and is passed from one website to another. It merely takes some thinking, surfing and creativity.


Those who have already taken up video marketing are already way ahead of you even if they’ve only been doing it a few months. The internet is a competitive marketplace. As more people undertake video marketing, it becomes harder to prove to people that what you have to say is worth listening to. Getting more traffic using video marketing is what the best marketers are using and will be using for years to come.


Web browsers become pickier, less patient and their consumer attention span decreases with every marketing message.


Do not wait too long to jump on the video marketing band wagon. The internet changes quickly, rule change frequently. Video marketing can be harder to digest if you not already in the game. Video marketing can and most likely will turn into what article marketing have become where it is less of an option and more of a necessity to gain traffic



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