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Issues The Pod Cast: Love Your Hair


Queen V and Vegan Val Sit down and have a candid conversation on hair. Hair is more than what meets the eye. Listen and learn from Valerie Stroud Nappy By Nature – Color Me Natural Salon – Greensboro 

Color Me Natural - Vegan Val Nappy By Nature
Color Me Natural




Back To School

Greensboro is a College Town. We have many Schools, Colleges and 2 Universities. Glad to see the forward motion in this city. With the colleges a very diverse group of people come to town. From everywhere in the world. This is what makes Greensboro such a great place and great market to introduce your products and services.

Summer is Hot

Enjoying the Summertime. It only comes once a year. Time to enjoy family, long nights an warm days. Quick trips are the Best. Fill up that Gas Tank and explore sights near and far.

What’s Really hot is the SPOT-TV Banner Campaign that we have been promoting this summer.


We are raising money to support $SPOTTVKIDS

Programming targeted to the youth.

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The People’s Market on Florida Street

It’s market time!

Spring is here and the Grove Street People’s Market opened for its fifth year on Thursday, April 11 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Come see us in our new location, corner of Glenwood Ave. and Florida St. Every Thursday 6-8pm

Come experience the Triad’s Community Spot specializing in Fun for all.

Crafts, Food, Drinks, Free Giveaways. EBT Accepted and doubled to encourage local healthy food access in food desert.

To Get a Space $20.00 Come join the fun.